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Massage techniques for scars

Massage techniques for scars

Unless you’ve experienced a nasty scar firsthand, chances are, you may not be aware of the emotional distress, discomfort and even physical pain that scars can cause.

Fortunately, scars go through a healing process that reduces the severity of their symptoms and their renowned ‘angry’ appearance. However, this can be over a very long period of time and let’s be honest - we don’t want to wait.  

After surgery, our body goes into overdrive to produce fibrous tissue around the wound to heal the area. Initially, this will make the wound area much more noticeable - red, raised, tight and painful - and it can get too excited about healing, causing ‘keloid scars’ which take even longer to heal. It’s important to remember that scars do not only appear on the surface of our skin, they can be deep below the surface, affecting ligaments, muscles and tendons too.

Massage can really help speed up the healing process by breaking down the layers of scar tissue. It’s very easy to just forget about the scar being there once the wound is healed, especially if it is in an area you don’t see, like on your back. But, by keeping the tissue moving and not letting it just sit still over a period of time, you are constantly reminding it to keep healing itself. The perfect time to start massaging is when the wound is healed completely after your scab has gone or the stitches have been removed.

If you can, try to massage the scar daily, maybe before going to sleep each night so that the oil or cream you are using has time to work on the scar. Circular motions using your thumb are best, and don’t be frightened to press quite firmly as this works best. It may be tender at times but try to massage through the pain - it’s worth it.

Jade says: “I used Rio Rosa Rosehip Oil most days for a year paired with these deep scar tissue massages and the results today are very pleasing. The oil is totally natural so you can have confidence that everything within it is great for your skin. I feel as though it made my skin much softer too, and it massages into the skin really well. 5 years on, the bottle is still half full as you only need a tiny bit to massage with.”

Give it a try! We’d love to hear how you and your scar get on, so let us know on Facebook or Twitter.