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Self-Care September

Self-Care September

Photo by Sylvie Tittel on Unsplash

2017 was all about mindfulness, but 2018 is the year of self-care.

We all know we should look after ourselves properly and find time to relax, but quite often, with the demand of our modern, hectic lifestyles, this can be easier said than done!

With a new season around the corner, now’s the perfect time to set yourself a new goal: make more time for yourself every single day.

Achieving this goal doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Here’s how to make some simple, positive changes to your daily routine...

Digital detox

In a society where we’re constantly connected to the digital world, it can be so difficult to switch off - literally. Who’s guilty of watching TV and scrolling through social media feeds just before going to sleep? We certainly are!

The solution? Implement a strict ‘switch off’ time every evening. Turn off all your digital devices a couple of hours before bed so you can wind down naturally. Try reading a book, listening to music or taking a bath instead.

You might find you wake up more rested the next day too, as reducing your exposure to “blue light” from screens a few hours before bed can actually help you to sleep more easily! Bonus!

Plan some quality time

Whether that’s spending an hour chatting to your nearest and dearest, having a home pamper sesh or working out at the gym, you should try to do an activity you really enjoy, at least once a week.


Sometimes, it’s the small things that make all the difference, such as following a daily skincare routine with products you know are kind to the environment and kind to you too.

Taking the time to look after your skin is a great way to make yourself look and feel fabulous. Try to cleanse and moisturise daily to keep your skin in tip-top condition. For instantly smoother skin, scrub away dead skin cells with a gentle, natural exfoliator. Ours is blended with Golden Bamboo Powder to polish the skin gently and leave it feeling super soft!

Follow-up by massaging 2-3 drops of a nutrient-rich facial oil like our Rosehip Seed Oil into your skin to provide extra hydration and smooth away fine lines and blemishes.

Meditation and mindfulness

You might be familiar with this already, but if you aren’t, start to practice mindfulness.

If don’t know where to start, try headspace, an app for guided meditation. Take a couple of minutes to cultivate your awareness and compassion through meditation and see the positive effect this can have on your psyche.

Eat well

As the saying goes: you are what you eat, and it’s vital to feed your body with the right foods for fuel, brain activity and also for clearer looking skin. This is something you can do every day to practice self-care.

Make sure your diet is packed with a rainbow of fruit and vegetables to ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need. Don’t forget about water too - hydration is vital for healthy skin!

Top tip: If you have dry skin, try snacking on watermelon, strawberries, cucumber and spinach. If you have oily skin, try to maintain a high fibre diet. Not only will this provide you with heaps of energy, but fibre is a great detoxifier and introducing whole grains, oatmeal and bean foods will help to aid a natural glow.  

Do you have some self-care advice? Share your tips with us today.


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