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Tried and Loved by... Lizaboo

Tried and Loved by... Lizaboo

As the big 3.0 looms ever closer, so too does the deadline for my 30before30 list, and if you’ve been following my journey you’ll know that at number 21 was to take better care of my skin,

Now the truth is, I’ve been quite lucky in my life in the fact I’ve never had bad skin, a side from the obvious acne ridden teen years. And admittedly I do get the occasion emotional red bump appearing during those special times of the month, but my skin is as ‘normal’ as you can get.

So when I really got thinking about what taking care of my skin meant to me, it wasn’t about removing any nasties or trying to hide away blackheads, it was more a holistic approach that I felt was needed.

I wanted to focus on what I was eating because as we know this also has an impact on our skin, and I wanted to get a little more confident in going makeup free more often. I don't know why but I just felt that for so long I was caking my skin too much and I just wanted to let it breath if that's even a thing.

There was also a reason I really wanted dot drill-down my skincare before I was thirty. As in my head, it feel like a really important time to create a routine that will ensure my skin will still be looking fabulous well into old age.

I've got my fingers crossed on having that natural beauty where people still question my age - hey girl can live in hope!

So, this big question - how’s it going?

Well, so far this year I've only gone to bed once with my makeup still on my face. Tut, tut. Bit I will excuse myself for this as I am had a few too many tipples during a supper club, which is very unlike me.

But ignoring that little blip, my entire approach to my skincare has been significantly better.

  • For two days a week, I go makeup free, if I am having a day at home during during the week.
  • I use natural organic product as much  as possible
  • I stopped using baby wipes and swapped to muslin cloths and flannels.
  • I drink my recommended daily amount of water, plus herbal teas
  • I eat mainly a vegetarian diet now, with only two meat meals per week
  • I drink with responsibility. (Not counting that night at supper club!)
  • I use SPF50 on my face and SPF30 on my body, no matter the temperature
  • I cleanse, tone and moisturise every night
  • I use a face masque once a week
  • I only use natural products or brands that use natural products
  • I get outside every day.

For me personally, some of the smallest changes have made the biggest impact. Such as taking more walks in the great outdoors, eating less meat and drinking a lot more H20.

These are all the choices I have been conscious of making, and I haven't done too much research because I simply wanted to find things that made me feel good about my skin, rather than being dictated to by a beauty editor or by the facialist in Boots desperate to get their commission.

When the world is dominated by so much information and so many people telling you what's good, I think it's important to step back and find things that feel good for you. We all have different lifestyles,varying skin types and a mix of beliefs. There have been some brands that I just haven't got on with and others that I couldn't live without. It you have to find routines, products and habits that you can keep up with. And that's exactly what this little mission has been about. I didn't want any over complicated routine that I couldn't keep up with, and I didnt want a quick fix.

At the moment, I’m feeling positive about my skin and how it feels and looks. I've been playing with a mixture of products, but currently enjoy using the brand Rio Rosa Mosqueta, as they’re an all vegan brand that use many natural oils that work well with my skin type. My eyes seem brighter, my complexion appears to be glowing and it even feels smoother.

I know that like anything routine will have to adapt and change as I get older, but I’m pleased that I’ve learned to find my way with things. Educating myself on natural products, food and feeding habits that work for me.

What are you learning about skin as you age?