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Tried and loved by... Scarlet Slippers

Tried and loved by... Scarlet Slippers

Blogger Charlotte Emily loved our Rio Rosa Rosehip Seed Oil so much, she just had to try more of our all-natural range. Read why she can't get enough in this guest blog post.

My love for skincare is ever growing and discovering new brands that will help to sort my dry, red complexion is always a bonus! After adoring the Rio Rosa Mosqueta Rosehip Seed Oil (read the post here) and embedding it nicely into my everyday skincare routine, I knew that I wanted to try more products from this brand. The kind team at Rio Rosa Mosqueta let me pick out a few products that tickled my fancy and over the past month, I've included these in my night time skincare routine and put them to the test! Here is my honest thoughts and experience on Rio Rosa's cleanser, night treatment and brightening exfoliator...

Skin Brightening Exfoliator

Something that I lack in my skincare collection are exfoliators. I used to be scared of the negative effects exfoliators can have on the skin because too much use can cause more damage than good. If you are unaware, exfoliators break down the top layer of your skin to help replenish, get rid of dead skin cells and bacteria. However, due to the abrasive nature of the formula, if you use them too often then they can rupture deeper layers of your skin. After avoiding any type of exfoliator for the past sixth months, I decided to test out this 'Brightening Exfoliator' twice every week and see if I felt a difference in my skin. The formula was less gritty than I anticipated, which definitely eased me into using it more. I gently applied this all over my face post-cleansing, making sure to rub in gently circular movements across my skin. This product is completely natural and organic, like all the other products from their range, and contains rosehip, avocado, shea butter and golden bamboo. The bamboo powder aids gentle cleansing and polishing of the skin; lifting all the impurities and leaving a soft glowing sheen on the face. My complexion has honestly been glowing ever since I've included this product into my routine and I'm LIVING FOR IT!!

Intensive Night Treatment

This product was the one that particularly stood out to me. I'd never indulged in an intensive night treatment before so I thought I'd give this a go - thus, not only is this a first impression on the product, it is a general impression of night treatments in general. Don't get me wrong, I have tried night cream before but nothing as intense as this product claimed to be. As the company state, 'this luxurious night treatment in enriched with natural plant oils and hyaluronic acid to repair, hydrate and firm your skin whilst you sleep'. This instantly drew me to the product because I'm super scared about ageing (which sounds so silly because I'm 19 but after speaking to skincare experts, I've found that you start ageing in your early twenties) and want to keep those wrinkles away for as long as I possibly can haha! The hydration feature was something that I've definitely noticed since using this treatment each evening. My face feels nourished and enriched with oils, which has made my dry skin thanked me gracefully for! Feeling soft and fresh before I go to bed has been helping me sleep better too so I cannot thank this product enough for the massive improvement both in my evening routine and skin in general.

Cream Cleanser

I'm forever on the hunt for new cleansers and one's that benefit my extremely dry skin. I've found that natural and 100% organic products always leave my skin in a better state than those that contain chemicals. The majority of my skincare products have been converted to vegan and cruelty free now because not only is it better for the environment and well being of our lovely animals, you can see the positive impact it has on your skin. This plant based cream cleanser has a smooth, thick formula that moistens my skin and swiftly removes all of my makeup. The star product - the rosehip seed oil - helps to balance the oils of my skin (keeping me hydrated!!) as well as nourishing and refreshing my complexion. I love what this has done to my skin over the past month and I will continue to use it until it's all gone. If you have dry skin like me, you need this in your life because the benefits and difference it has made to my skin is UNREAL.

What is your favourite skincare brand? Have you tried out anything from Rio Rosa Mosqueta before?

Lots of love

Charlotte x