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What’s a Gua Sha Board and how do I use it?

What’s a Gua Sha Board and how do I use it?

Gua Sha is an ancient East and South East Asian healing technique that involves massaging the face and body with a smooth jade, porcelain or crystal tool. 

This flat tool is specially shaped to fit the contours of your body and is designed to help relieve tension, stimulate circulation and aid lymphatic drainage. This Gua Sha massage technique is more powerful than a jade roller massage, and can be used to relieve built-up tension and toxins in the face and body.

What are the benefits?

You may have seen natural beauty lovers featuring these tools in their Instagram flat lays recently, and when you look at the benefits of using them it’s easy to understand why!

Devotees claim Gua Sha massage can help their face to appear temporarily slimmer, prevent headaches, reduce the appearance of cellulite and brighten the skin thanks to increased blood flow. 

As well as boosting your skin’s appearance, this massage technique is also incredibly therapeutic, and makes for a lovely at-home evening spa ritual.

Tips for using a Gua Sha Board

Firstly, the Gua Sha Board should only be used on freshly cleansed, hydrated skin. Use a few drops of your favourite facial oil on your skin to lubricate the board and ensure it glides over the skin effortlessly.

Before you start to massage it’s worth remembering your speed should be slow. You’re trying to relax your muscles and relieve tension, so slow and steady wins the race! 

Also, the pressure should be light to medium, apart from when massaging around the eye area which is when you should only use feather-light pressure. 

Remember to massage your skin with the board in a wiggling motion after every stroke to help release any built-up tension and toxins. 

Finally, remember to always hold the Gua Sha Board flat to your skin, not at a 90 degree angle to ensure a gentle, but effective technique, and avoid Gua Sha massage on inflamed, irritated skin.

How to massage with a Gua Sha Board

Here are some simple strokes that can be completed using a Gua Sha Board. Each stroke can be repeated 5 or more times, and can be done 2-3 times per week, or daily if you wish! 

While completing each stroke, use your free hand to gently keep your skin taut. When you’ve finished one side of your neck and face, swap to the other.

Back of the neck

Using the notched edges either side of your spine, start from where your neck meets your back and glide the Gua Sha Board up towards your head along the back of the neck, stopping when you meet bone, and finish with a wiggle.

Side of the neck

Using the long edge flat on your shoulder where it meets the arm, pull the board up towards your neck until you hit bone. Finish with a wiggle. 

Front of neck

Place your free hand on your collar bone. Take the long edge and pull the board up over the collar bone towards the jaw. Finish with a wiggle.

Front-centre of neck

Place your free hand over your sternum. Place the notched edge of the board either side of your fingers and lightly pull the board up over your neck and stop when you reach the chin bone. Finish with a wiggle.

Jaw line

Place your free hand on your chin. Use the notched edge either side of your jawline and stroke the board upwards from your chin to your ear. Finish with a wiggle.


Using the long edge against the side of your nose, angle the board up towards your temple and stroke upwards using the flat side right under the cheekbone. Finish with a wiggle.

Under the eye

Using feather-light pressure, use one of the small round notches on the skin under your eye and sweep the board from your nose up to the temple. Finish with a wiggle.

Brow bone

Place the two notches either side of your brow bone. Start at the nose and sweep the board along the brow bone and up towards the temple, finishing at your hairline. Finish with a wiggle.


Close your eyes and place your free hand and on your eyelid. Use the flat side of the board to gently stroke from under the brow bone, across the forehead and up towards the hair line. Finish with a wiggle.

We hope this self-care ritual helps you to improve the appearance of your skin and unwind after a busy day. Don't forget, throughout October you can claim a free Gua Sha Board with every purchase of our Antioxidant Facial Oil or 50ml Rosehip Seed Oil - click here for details!