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What to expect when you're expecting

What to expect when you're expecting

Expect everything to change.

Pregnancy can host its share of changes and challenges, physical and emotional. It’s only natural, now that you’re taking care of two!

Luckily, we’re here to give you an insight into ‘need-to-knows’ that will take you on a smooth, glowing and healthy journey to motherhood.

Ease the quease

Morning sickness is known to put women off their morning cups of tea and coffee and can leave you feeling drained. Staying hydrated and eating little but often can help to combat that horrible feeling. It’s also a great way to ward off Braxton Hicks contractions!

Another great way to ease the quease - chamomile tea! Calming and mild, it’s a great solution for relaxing the body and your baby.

Radiant skin

During pregnancy, your body produces about 50% more blood than usual. This leads to greater circulation, causing skin to appear more luminous. However, this may not creep in until the second trimester!

If you experience a harder first trimester, using rosehip oil and gentle all-natural products are great for keeping skin soft, supple and glowing. Ensure you use only natural products and look out for parabens, paraffin and other nasties!

Stretch marks

Almost 90% of pregnant women will experience stretch marks around the body. Therefore, it’s important to keep skin hydrated and moisturised throughout to help to keep skin looking and feeling nourished.

Nails and hair changes

Your hair and nails tend to grow well during pregnancy, but the loss of hormones after childbirth can cause you to lose a little bit of your hair in small patches after birth. But don’t worry, this usually improves about a year postpartum when you’ll feel back to your normal self and dare we say it - maybe even ready for another baby?


It’s harmless, but a nuisance - melasma! During pregnancy, dark patches of skin may occur on the face due as your estrogen levels rise.

Whether your hyperpigmentation is caused by pregnancy or sun damage, use products containing Vitamin C and a good SPF for protection. We’d recommend a good facial serum and overnight skin treatment that will renew and repair your skin whilst you are getting your last chance of good sleep in.

Linea nigra

This is the line that appears part way through some pregnancies, stretching from your belly button downwards. It is caused by fluctuating hormones, but the good news is it’s not permanent… it will disappear after the birth and not every mummy will experience this.

Get moving

Even if you didn’t exercise before pregnancy, this is a great time to start and walking is the perfect way to go. It’s free, you can do it any time, and it’s great practice for when your little one arrives in 9 months’ time!

Not new to exercise? Try yoga! When you are pregnant, your baby is relying on you, so it’s even more important to stay healthy, active and positive. Yoga is known to be the best all-round form of safe exercise. Not only will it allow you to feel energised, but gives you special time to connect inward, listen to your body and bump.

Whatever your experience, remember our bodies are remarkable so relax, enjoy and embrace the wonders of motherhood.

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